We are on a mission

Faction believes the best solution for driverless fleets is a combination of autonomy and remote TeleAssist®. While many companies are attempting 100% autonomy, these experiments are expensive and still years away from a profitable product.
Our DriveLink® platform brings the best hybrid of technology and human capability, enabling a viable market solution for driverless vehicles today.

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Faction was founded in February 2020 by an expert team that has collectively developed and launched autonomous vehicle systems ranging from light electric vehicles to heavy-duty, Class 8 semi-trucks.

Ain McKendrick
Andrea Mariotti
VP of Driverless Vehicle Engineering
Mike Lowe
VP of Mechanical Design Engineering
Peter Schmidt
Head of Design
Andrea Borbely
VP, Operations & Finance

Track record

Our team can lay claim to having built some of the first autonomous vehicles deployed to paying commercial customers in 2018, and having developed the first driverless vehicle systems to have run on public highways with no safety driver on board in 2019.

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