Faction Driverless Fleet

One technology.
Multiple applications.

From on-demand vehicles to last-mile delivery and rebalancing operations, Faction enables driverless capabilities for micro EVs.

Deliver the Future

Elevate your delivery with right-sized, zero-emission, driverless solutions.
Faction’s Software Suite ensures seamless integration with your fulfillment and order management systems. All of this at a competitive price.



Faction's driverless technology empowers ride-share companies to bring the car to the customer and recover it from their drop-off location, streamlining each trip from start to finish.

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Designed to tackle a diverse array of missions, our driverless solutions are engineered for adaptability across multiple industries.

Optimize your transport and supply chain with autonomous operation in controlled environments.

Our pragmatic approach to autonomy allows for quick, cost-effective deployment, which is ideal for secure, closed-course commercial areas.

Minimize your carbon footprint by using lightweight, driverless electric vehicles.

The Faction software suite allows your customers to track orders live and interact with the vehicle over the app.

Speed up your delivery times without sacrificing quality.

Our software suite integrates smoothly with your existing order management systems, allowing for real-time tracking and customer engagement via the app.

Achieve new levels of efficiency and reliability by deploying Faction's driverless vehicles in your commercial fleet.

Real-time tracking and fleet management will keep your operations agile, carbon-neutral, and cost-efficient.

Unlocking the benefits of autonomy

Pragmatic Driverless

Our practical approach to autonomy combines baseline autonomy with a trajectory-based assist system, enabling immediate deployment.

End-to-End Solution

Driverless-enabled vehicles, cloud-based fleet management, customer portals, and APIs come together for seamless integration with your existing systems.

Fleet Electrification

Make the switch to greener, more cost-effective operations by electrifying your fleet with micro EVs capable of driverless operations.

Fast track to a smarter fleet

Our team assesses your current operations and local policies to draft the roadmap for fleet electrification and driverless deployment
Faction deploys a test EV fleet that runs business as usual with safety drivers on board to map your area of operations
Our team completes integration points between our cloud solutions and your fleet or order management system
Gradual roll-out of driverless operations with safety drivers as backup
Evaluate the results and further scale electrification and driverless operations

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