Micro-tech, Micro-delivery.


DriveLink’s® compact architecture
enables right-sized driverless fleets
for your daily missions.

Meet the Fleet

Faction’s driverless DriveLink® and TeleAssist® technologies combine autonomy with remote human teleoperation. Our pilots are deploying our technologies in the Arcimoto FUV and the ElectraMeccanica Solo with other partner vehicles coming soon.

Faction Driverless Fleet

driverless Faction dispatched

Faction Delivery Portal and API seamlessly integrate into your delivery operations.
Your customers get a consistent and predictable delivery experience.

As cost-effective
as it gets

Designed in the pursuit of operational efficiency, a Faction Fleet is a cost-effective alternative to conventional delivery fleets.

Hub and spoke.

Scaled to fit your daily operations, Faction driverless fleets can be deployed for both point-to-point and hub and spoke delivery models.

Partner with Faction
for driverless logistics

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